We offer entire libraries of subject-specified Digital Stock Photography on CD-ROM for high resolution output, 100 images per disk with resolutions as high as 3,072 pixels x 2,048 pixels; 18 MB and precisely matched color control by Eastman Kodak; no usage fees ever. Also available are Letraset's striking Phototone collection of exciting background images of styles objects, textures, patterns and colors. Over 1,132 photos on CD-ROM, 35mm slide or 4 x 5 transparencies with unlimited production rights.


How is Digital Stock Different from similar
products on CD ROM?

The quality of stock photography on compact disc is dependent upon the answers to four questions:

(1) How good are the original photographs?

Every photograph contained in the Digital Stock library is taken from the best work of exceptionally talented professionals. These images are not snapshots. As you will see, they are the same quality you would expect from the best stock agencies.

(2) How good are the scans?

All our transparencies are scanned at 2,048 x 3,076 pixels, using a custom technique that ensures accurate reproduction. After the scanning has been done, we compare every image on a color-corrected monitor to its original transparency to ensure that there has been no color shift or other degradation.

(3) How big are the image files?

Each image is stored on the disc in five sizes ranging from 72 K up to 24 MB. This gives you the perfect size range for everything from monitor presentations to full-page CMYK separations at 150 lines per inch. Some users have even made posters four feet by six feet.

(4) How good is the color reproduction?

With our free color management profiles, developed jointly with Eastman Kodak, you are guaranteed accurate color fidelity no matter where you use the images. If you have ever had an image that looks great on the screen and then does not print well, you'll understand how important this is. It's very easy to use because it's automatic in programs like Photoshop and Pagemaker 6.0

How does Digital Stock compare to a
traditional stock agency?

The first advantage is price. You can own a Digital Stock disc for less than you might pay to rent a single image from a stock agency for one-time use. Our images are also much more convenient to use. You don't have to negotiate a usage fee, have transparencies scanned and then send them back. And you don't have to worry about liability for lost or damaged transparencies. Digital Stock allows you to have thousands of perfectly scanned images right in your office. With image editing software like Photoshop, these photographs may be altered, combined, and manipulated to create unique images. In this way, the number of images available to you is almost without limit.

I have clients who use stock photgraphy. Can I make money by charging my clients for Digital Stock images?

Yes! Discs can quickly pay for themselves. When you use a Digital Stock image in an ad, brochure, report, etc. created by you for someone who is your direct client, you may charge them for the use of the image. By eliminating the stock agency "middle man," you can increase your profits while, at the same time, your clients happily spend less.

What kind of computer do I need?

Digital Stock discs can be used with almost any kind of computer equipped with a CD ROM drive and appropriate software.

Any Mac LC III or better, or any 486 PC or better is fine, if it has at least five megabytes of free RAM. When working with high resolution images like our 24 MB files, it is best to have as much RAM as possible. Your monitor should be at least 16 bit; 24 bit color is preferable.

What's the best way to find the Digital Stock
image I want?

This catalog is one way, of course. The Digital Stock Catalog & Demo Disc is also an indispensable tool. The Catalog Disc contains all of the images shown in this book, indexed by descriptive keywords, so you can find the image you want simply by describing it. The Catalog Disc allows you to view each image at screen resolution on your computer, and the images may be exported into your documents for comping. Ten high-resolution images are also included so you can sample the quality first-hand.

The Catalog Disc also contains invaluable Kodak Color Management System (KCMS) Color Profiles, including the specially.created Digital Stock Color Profile. These Profiles, when used in software applications that employ KCMS, such as Photoshop and PageMaker, make complex color management virtually automatic. Our implementation of KCMS is a major advantage of Digital Stock over every other provider of stock photography. Use it! You will be extremely pleased by how easy it is to obtain superb results with Digital Stock.

What usage rights do I have?

After purchasing a disc, you have a license to use the images in print advertising, brochures, newsletters, reports, and in limited multimedia presentations and CD based products - forever. If you are an ad agency, graphic designer, printer, prepress, or someone doing similar work for others, you may use these photographs in work you create for your clients or customers, as long as they are the end-user.

If you would like order a Digital Stock Catalog or have any questions please call us at 412-765-1880.