Since our software training is designed around your specific needs, how and what we train is determined by the types of projects that you encounter and your level of experience. We do not recite software manuals, because that does not help much. We ensure that you can put to use what we teach, and in those cases where you need to know more (or need a reminder), we provide assistance after the training - usually at no additional charge.

Beginners learn in basic non-technical language the system operation, data backup strategies and general terminolgy. However, Macintosh beginners are not the only ones who need our services.

Hard Disk Management

Learn how to properly use your hard disk. Hard Disk Management training will teach you which system files are important and which are not. Learn how to organize your files for faster access. Learn the different types of files your Mac generates. Learn which INITs and startup files you really need. Learn how to evaluate INIT and startup conflicts that may be causing system crashes. Learn the advantages of partitioning your hard disk.

Using Your Scanner

Learn how to properly use your color or grayscale scanner, adjust your scanner's settings, and properly save your scanned images. Learn the difference between line art, grayscale and pattern scanning. We can also show you how to import your images into other programs. Also, we can demonstrate how to use your scanner for OCR (optical character recognition), for faster and more efficient text entry.

Little Mac Tricks

Improve your Mac skills by learning some little-known, yet useful features of the Macintosh. Learn how to take a picture of your screen, eject a disk using your keyboard and throw away locked files without unlocking them, etc.