Graphic Support is a unique company that not only provides expert on-site Macintosh training, troubleshooting and support service, but where you will also find experienced unbiased advice regarding hardware and software. We can even upgrade your computer's memory or hard drive storage capacity. Graphic Support will install and organize your computer system to make sure your software and fonts work together.

We bring Macintosh computer technology to the graphics industry by customizing our services to your specific business needs. If you have purchased computers which are underutilized or collecting dust, call Graphic Support. With us, your computing investment will be protected for years to come.

We use the latest Macintosh software and evaluate new hardware and software regularly. We maintain a reference library of different Macintosh hardware and software products; that way, we are able to provide you with the hardware or software solution that best fits your needs.

Plus, as a part of our training and consulting, we show you techniques and tips which are not in the manuals, and which will save you and your staff valuable time. And, to prove it, we can provide you with references.The next time you need quality Macintosh training, products or support services, call Graphic Support first.

A Commitment to Quality

Graphic Support remains an independent company; keeping us free from the bias you may find with a reseller. Because we don't sell equipment, we are able to provide honest, professional advice if you need an opinion on equipment purchases. If you're thinking of a higher end scanner, server or imagesetter you should talk to us first. We'll not only put you in the right direction; but can save you thousands of dollars in the process.